Sunday, January 6, 2008

Recycling Program Works

At the Box Canyon Lodge, I wanted to start an in-room recycling program for our guests. All I could see was the cost of getting it implemented so I was a bit slow in getting it going. I needed some way to collect the recyclables in the room, was going to need some company to collect the stuff, and needed to explain to our guests how it would work.

Initially, I didn't think that Waste Management would collect the stuff as I was a commercial operation. With the help of one of the towns people, Rick Lane, I received a visit from the Operations Manager of the local office. He indicated that they would pick up our recyclables, no problem! About three weeks ago, I received my green container. I spent the next few weeks refining the process and obtaining the necessary equipment.

I spent about $400 on blue recycling waste baskets for each of the rooms, created my own in room placards to explain our program, trained my housekeeping staff and then implemented the program.

It has been 4 days and the response is overwhelming. I already have filled my 96 gallon container. I am amazed and pleased. Now I need to order a second recycling bin to accommodate all the waste. If I can keep two containers per week from going into the regular dumpster, I think it is possible that my direct costs for waste disposal will be 40% less after implementing this program. How exciting! We help the earth and we help our bottom line. What a great combination.

Karen @ Box Canyon Lodge

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