Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Evening at the Ouray Ice Festival

Tonight the Ouray Volunteer Fire Department hosted a dinner with the Ice Park at the Ouray Community Center. Vendors set up tables and booths and folks browsed all the new equipment. There was a silent auction that went off without a hitch. Here are some pictures of the evenings events.

Here are Patrick Rondinelli and his son Brian. Patrick volunteers on the Ouray Fire Department and is our distinguished City Administrator.

Here is Mel Rajokowski. She works for the Ice Park and is in charge of all the merchandising. She is hanging onto her little baby Connor who is just about 8 months old now.

Here is Hans from Denmark. He is here at the festival enjoying all the clinics. This is his fourth or fifth trip to Ouray.

Peter is trying out a sleeping bag that was donated to the silent auction. He is trying to decide if he wants to bid on it.

This is Ken Garard, Sandy and Mike Macleod. They put together the silent auction and without all their hard work, it would be hard to pull it off. You can see they are enjoying a cool one before the bidding begins.

Here is Erin Eddy. He is the Executive Director of the Ouray Ice Park. When he is not helping with the Ice Park, he is a real estate agent too.

Here is Carol Garard with Jason Stadler. Jason works for Asolo, one of the main sponsors of the entire event.

Kevin Koprick of San Juan Mountain Guides and Ouray Entertainment talks with a Vasque Representative

Tomorrow, the big competition begins at the Lower Bridge. It starts at 9:00am. I hope to get up there early and grab some great pictures.

Karen @ Box Canyon Lodge

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