Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cross Country Skiing - A Ton of Fun!

Kathleen, Sandra , Dianne (Pictured) and Karen go skiing! Fabulous Day

Sandra and Dianne taking a short rest!

Laughing as we head up!

Today, Sandra Boles, Kathleen Norris Cook, and Diane Correl went cross country skiing in the Amphitheater. We had a dandy time with Yankee Boy and Nala Dog. We made fresh tracks as we started out at 8:00am.

I took my little camera along for the fun of it, but, it was a bit intimidating taking pictures with Kathleen along. She is, of course, a fantastic photographer and I have such limited capabilities. But, I did capture a few fun shots.

The temperature was a crisp 12 degrees but the sky was a brilliant blue even though we were in the shade most of the time. The snow was about 8 inches deep but it was light champagne powder. Watch my little video of our trip.

Karen @ Box Canyon Lodge

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