Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ouray Ice Festival -- It's Here!

Rob Megna and Eryn Bond who own the Backstreet Bagel on Main Street are out and about checking out the fun!

All of this is in preparation for the Ouray Ice Festival. Tents are being set up today for the vendors and activities really get going tomorrow.

Spectators on the expanded viewing stands with funds provided by Asolo.

Climbing in the snow!

Early pictures from the Ouray Ice Festival!

Rich is out on the Green Barron trying to keep up with the mounds of snow that keep coming. Talk about a winter wonderland. The forecast today is for up to 15 inches of the white stuff. It is getting harder and harder to find places around Ouray for all this snow. There are places just off of Main Street where snow hills exist that are 15 feet high.

Karen @ Box Canyon Lodge

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