Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great Skiing!

Yesterday, Sandra and I went X-country Skiing up in Ironton. We took Nala too. It was fantastic. We arrived about 9:00am and we were the only ones there! We had about 4 new inches of fresh snow. It was a heavy snow but that made it extra nice to ski without tracks. It was snowing lightly and yet there was no wind.

One lap around the town circuit and one lap north in the willows was sufficient as we had some time pressures. Nala ran well, but, seems like she might have strained a ligament in her hind leg. We were going to go enjoy some snow time on the Amphitheater Road today but I decided she needed to take it easy.

Red Mountain Pass was closed later in the day on Saturday so the skiing is going to be great once the road opens. It isn't supposed to open until sometime Monday or maybe even Tuesday. What a storm!

Rich & I worked hard in the snow today. Shoveling turns out to be a thankless job. He is ready to make snow removal a sport so that you can spend a bunch of $$ on equipment.

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