Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Master Plans

Another BEAUTIFUL day in Ouray!

Master Plans for the Parks were presented last night at City Council and are at the City Hall for review. We all need to review and give opinions. Remember that if you set back and don't speak up, don't complain when you don't like what happens.

Women's Club meeting today at the Community Center, you will be able to meet the new candidates for City Council, also I believe that some of the County Commissioners will be there.

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Old Woman on the Hill said...

The proposed Master Plans are on the City of Ouray website. Check them out! They need feedback before finalizing.

For the pool area, I am pushing for a kiddie pool added to the 4 other pools and water slide area.

For the rest of the grounds, I hope we can work in some appropriate space for entertainment, music, theater in the park, etc. A bandshell would be nice. This seems to all fit ok with the tennis courts, basketball court, and soccer,baseball areas...and still leave room for the picnic area and kids' playground.