Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best of Ouray!

So, I have stumbled across "BestStuff" and Ouray is out there. I think everyone who enjoys Ouray should vote for Ouray! Hooray for Ouray!

Top 10 Reasons Ouray is the Greatest!

10. Scenic Beauty -- Duh, that is what gets you here... These are the reasons that you stay!

9. We have the worlds first ice park
8. The Smithsonian has ranked the Ouray County Museum as one of the best small museums in the country
7. The Ouray Trail Group is second to none in creating and maintaining hiking trails in and around Ouray!
6. Weehawken Creative Arts has brought so many fun and exciting classes to the community including dance, metal smithing, photography, drawing, painting... There are so many opportunities to explore your creative side
5. The Ouray Nordic Council takes care of all the cross country trails at Ironton ... all as a volunteer effort.
4. The Ouray Movie Club is starting to take shape again!
3. Ouray has the worlds best building for creating a haunted house. Just look at this picture from this blog. It is the Elk's Lodge looking all spooky.
2. Ouray has its very own glassblower in town and we also have our own Artisan Bakery that makes the very best of the best baguettes. How cool is that?


And the number one reason that Ouray is the Greatest???

1. Ouray has such a great group of citizens that make each and every day such a joy. The community is tight knit and very supportive, through thick and thin...

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