Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun Times!

We went out for a great walk today along the Ice Park trail. I love that trail cuz it is so close to town, easy, fast, and no one is ever there. On the way, we ran into Clint Cook at the bridge on Camp Bird Road from San Juan Mountain Guides. He had set up a zip line across the gorge and there was a nice family from Denmark enjoying their rides. Clint was out providing them with some beginning mountaineering instruction & some fun on a zip line. The Dad admitted that he was afraid of heights but as he had two layers of security he was feeling confident to let 'er rip! It is fun to watch. They were a really nice family.

Rich spotted a pheasant-like bird on the trail. We really have no clue what kind of bird it was but rest assured that we are sure it wasn't the run of the mill robin. It was the size of a small turkey but the noise it made didn't sound that way. It could fly too! It was a pretty bird. Nala was also amused with the sighting.

As usual, I forgot my camera (I will get better at that) but have decided to upload a cute picture I actually did take last week of Rich and Nala. It could have been taken today :-)

Yesterday, I got the latest holiday schedule of events completed and it was loaded onto the Chamber website. The schedule is looking quite full of activities and the committee is doing a wonderful job of pulling it together. Two events stick in my mind as extra special... The Nutcracker Sweets (little kids doing a dance recital) and the old time radio show put on by the Ouray County Players. Both should be quite extraordinary.

Bruce from Rocky Mountain Treasures & Gifts came by this morning and is going to print out the holiday schedule so that I can get it posted around. He has a colored laser printer and bought some legal paper yesterday. It prints out on legal sized paper and I ran out. I really like the way the business community is really working well together. It says a lot about this community.

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Karen @ Box Canyon Lodge

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Good Times! said...

Maybe the bird was a grouse? Not too many pheasants in the high country.