Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Halloween

We started setting up for the Haunted House today over at the Elks Building. You can't appreciate how few electrical outlets are in that building until you need more than 3 of them. The theme this year is "Harry Potter". Too bad I have no clue about this story. I was just a simple worker bee. I climbed ladders and hung black plastic and that will be my claim to fame. There is still more work to do but it will be finished long before Saturday. The Haunted House will be from 6-8pm on Saturday night (Oct 27th).

I am behind on my Veterans Day invitations and I need to get those done by Wednesday, drop dead! Beth has done the work to get some ads running in the paper. Manette and I and hopefully others will cook the dinner and the breakfast. It will be free for any veteran. I think that is the least we can do to show our appreciation. I have also had the city of ouray agree that Active Duty military can have free admission to the pool on Veterans Day. As for other vets, I think we can probably get them in 1/2 price. We have to finish with Halloween before we can think about that event. I think it will be a very nice affair. Next time, I hope we can make it nicer!

Rich was shoveling snow from 8:00am this morning and then he helped them out over at the Vic. Their International Scout has a bad transmission so he gave them a helping hand. He certainly put a couple of cents into his karmic bank!

Tomorrow I am supposed to swim in the morning... brrrrrrr..... I wish I knew how cold the water was in the lap lanes. It turns out I really like the feeling of being in the water and working to stretch out and pull. I really need to get in that water. To heck with getting cold! Worst case, I will swim laps in the warm pool :-)

Weather is supposed to be sunny ... early morning should be spectacular if the sky is clear.

Karen @BCL

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