Monday, October 15, 2007

Fresh Snow~!

The snow was fantastic... My favorite type... It stayed up high so no shoveling~! You can see how clear the sky is today. We had a little cub at the homestead last night. He was stumbling around and opening cans. Momma bear is nearby but we didn't see her last night.

Today is supposed to be a nice warm day, should be in the 50s. I plan to go hiking on the Portland Trail. It should be very nice today. Computer work will have to wait until tonight as the day is just to beautiful. I just love the way that you can keep hiking so late in the season.

The Holiday Committee is meeting regularly so this December should prove to be a lot of fun. The old time radio show is a go and it will be happening on December 1.


Good Times! said...

Just wanted to let you know that the radio show will be on 12/8, not 12/1, 7:30 pm, after Santa at the elks club. Still working out pricing details. Thanks, Debbie

Old Woman on the Hill said...

Yes, we got a big donation from Alpine bank to underwrite the Ouray County Players' production of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" adapted as a live radio show complete with sound effects and music. (It will also be broadcast live on our very own radio station KURA, run by the high school students! And recorded for playback other times during the holidays.)

Auditions for the 18 speaking parts will be on Nov. 7.

It is so exciting to be the first live theater production for the Opera House's revival.

Good Times! said...

Just wanted to let you know that the radio show date has changed yet again. Now it is scheduled for December 7th. The reason for the switch is that the folks from good old Alpine Bank (the underwriters) are having their holiday shin dig and couldn't make it... Voila, a new date. :-)