Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterens Day in Ouray

Yesterday, the Ouray Elks Lodge had a fund raiser for the VA Hospital in Grand Junction and as a tribute to all the veterans that were in the area. On Saturday night, a free spaghetti dinner was available to all the Vets. It was followed up with a Turkey Bingo game. In Turkey Bingo, each game you won yielded a Turkey Dinner including all the fixings!

During the dinner, the Ouray Elks honored one of their own: Bob Wilson. He was a veteran and he also ran one of their charity events for 13 consecutive years. The Charity Ride raises money for their childrens programs including the Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Delivers and the San Juan Riding Program.

This morning, the same folks put on a Brunch with omelets, pancakes, sausages and hash browns. Again, Vets ate free and the money raised was earmarked for the VA Hospital in GJ. Manette Steele, who works for Oracle Corporation, was the organizer and she also donated the food that was used so the event yielded even more money to the cause.

The City of Ouray also had free admission to its Hot Springs for any Vet. The flags were set out along Main Street by the boy scouts. It looked very nice.

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