Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just another hike in paradise

So, here it is in the beginning of November and there are a lot of trails that are still hikeable. On Friday, I went up the Silvershield trail with my trusty companion Nala, and in the high meadow, I continued up the Twin Peaks Trail. I almost went to the top, but, I decided that it was late in the afternoon and I didn't want to be up there too late (that is the public excuse). And, I must admit, I was by myself and I was in a black forest just like Hansel & Gretal and I thought I was being watched by some crazy bear! (that was the real reason). Of course, that was me just playing some mind games and now I find it amusing that I got so wigged out.

On the way down, I did stop in the high meadow where Silvershield, Old Twin Peaks, and Oak Creek Trails intersect. This meadow is a treat in and of itself! You get fantastic views and the rocks were warm and the sun was so bright and there was absolutely no wind. I must have sat up there for 1 hour or so just enjoying the serenity. Some people find that peace on the beach. I find it up on high on the ridges or anywhere out of the trees.

When I got down and did a site inspection of where I had to have been, I was a bit perturbed that I had turned around. I was indeed almost to the top. I have turned around numerous times while hiking; it is harder to do than it seems but the mountain will always be there. Now I have another reason to try again.

On the Twin Peaks trail, there were a few very nasty icy spots where others had walked, crushed the snow, and it had turned to ice... The stretches were very few indeed and the lengths were short (15 yards or so) but they were on very steep parts and there just wasn't any great footing. When coming down, I actually sat on my butt and used both my hands and feet to scooch down. It wasn't scary or anything, I was just being cautious.

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