Friday, November 9, 2007

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool

This morning the Masters were swimming in the Hot Springs Pool. The Masters are pre-seniors and range in age from 40-60. It is a fun group and very competitive. My swimming has improved dramatically since I joined them, but, as I improve, so do they. I am still the weakest link. It is fun to compete with them (and this is a very competitive bunch) but I never win. Andy the Windmill is the fastest by far...

The lap lanes are opened and the water temperature is perfect! It is about 77 degrees. We started swimming at 8:00am today (we swim every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and we didn't think we would still be able to keep up the schedule this late in the year but the folks at the pool are doing a fantastic job of keeping the water temps comfortable and the pool in great condition. They have been very accommodating and keep opening the gate for us so we can start.

Today, six members of the Masters Showed up including Sandra from North Moon Gallery, Andy from the Tisdel Law firm, and Carl from Mountain Management were all present and accounted for. A new gal was there (new to me -- Diane) but she has lived in Ouray before and is just moving back. Joe the furniture maker was also there. The Masters is such a great program. Garry Schalla (he is the associate director of the DZi Foundation and co-owner of Schalla Jewelers) is our coach. He has volunteered to do this and has been working on this all summer. We started swimming at 8:00am and by 8:30, the sun was shining on us. It was delightful! Garry has been MIA recently ... doing good deeds in the Himalayan region.

My most favorite part of swimming is that when you do your strokes (mostly freestyle), you get that long stretch and after an hour of that, your body feels worked yet not sore. It also is doing great things with my range of motion in my shoulders. Before swimming, I was having some soreness in my shoulders and now, it seems that ailment is gone! My knees are a bit of a problem and they never hurt after a really hard swim. Feeling tired and not aching is such a treat!

The Polar Bears (mostly seniors) also swim Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They start at 10:00am and are led by Joanne Fedel. They have water aerobics and stay in the warmer water mostly in the winter. I initially swam with them and they are a fun bunch... there is a lot of socializing that goes on with that group!

Being able to swim outdoors at this time of year is a real pleasure. I highly recommend it!

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