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OCRA Chamber Chat July 28th, 2010

 **Disclaimer: The Chamber Chat is a courtesy service.  Our goal is to be short and readable with pass-along information and reminders requested from members. This service is being provided in lieu of forwarding e-mails directly to you. Thank you for reading our chat!


3rd Annual Grillin & Chillin is right around the corner (Aug 28th)

…interested in having a booth?

OCRA is now accepting applications for City of Ouray Retailers & Restaurants.

For a small $10 Huckster permit to the city, your business can participate.

(Deadline is August 12th).

Contact the Visitor's Center for more info, (970) 325 – 4746.





  • Road closures due to storm- USFS report
  • Weehawken Creative Arts Seeks Volunteers to Help with the Ridgway Arts and Crafts Rendezvous
  • Colorado Peace Ride, July 29th – August 1st
  • Sheep Day, August 3rd
  • Sally Shuffield Concert, Wright Opera House, August 4th
  • Ridgway Rendezvous Art and Craft Festival, August 7th & 8th
  • Treasure Hunt in the Visitor's Guide – MORE INFO
  • Wildflower Update
  • Jeep Ticket Update
  • Links to members
  • Updated OCRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS contact list


For an updated and online CALENDER OF EVENTS,

check out



Storms and Flooding Close Some Roads/Trails

Delta, CO., (July 28, 2010) – Portions of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests and local areas across the Forest have experienced sudden, violent and turbulent thunder and lightning storms, with more forecast throughout the week.  On Tuesday, heavy storms with significant rainfall caused road closures and failures.  

The Goodnough Road (Forest Service Road 618), located off highway 145 was closed by flooding and mud/rock slides on Tuesday evening as a result of the storms.  County crews were working on the road today and are expected to continue work to reopen over the next few days. Also affected was the Dexter Creek Road (FSR 871 and Ouray County Road 14) outside of Ouray, located above the Baxter Mine.  This road completely washed out in sections at the upper creek crossing, stranding people on the opposite bank of Dexter Creek.  County crews were working today to reach stranded individuals, clear the area and to restore access.  This work is expected to take up to two weeks to complete, pending any further damage from additional storms.  This lack of access affects the Horsethief Trailhead and makes it inaccessible.  In addition, Engineer Pass was temporarily closed from the storm and flooding.  The Pass was reopened late last night, pending any future storms and further damage.  

According to forest officials, yesterday's rain event caused no appreciable debris or erosion in the drainages impacted by the Beaver Fire-including Gutshal Basin and McKenzie Creek.  Fire rehabilitation work conducted immediately after the fire established waterbars and other erosion protection on fire trails, roads and in other fire areas to prevent erosion and damage in the event of storms and severe weather.  

As a safety precaution to citizens, more severe storms and heavy rain are forecast for the area over the next few days. Recreationists are encouraged to avoid high elevations and creek crossings when storms are present and if caught in a storm and flood situation: DO NOT try to cross creeks and/or flooded areas; stay in your vehicle if you are in a safe area to protect you from other dangers; and seek high ground if flooding occurs.  


Weehawken Creative Arts Seeks Volunteers to Help with the Ridgway Arts and Crafts Rendezvous on August 6, 7  & 8  


The Ridgway Rendezvous Arts and Crafts Festival is a major fundraiser for Weehawken Creative Arts -- with funds  going towards children's programs and scholarship availability each year.


Weehawken is seeking individuals who would be willing to volunteer for any of the days of the event (August 6, 7 & 8) to help with vendor check-in, balloons, manning the beer/wine tent, kids arts and crafts, family activities and more.  Volunteers can opt to work in blocks of time, or the really ambitious can sign on for a full day! 


To simplify signing up as a volunteer, we are

trying a new service that's simple to use and to

see as a volunteer what's needed called Volunteerspot.  Please click this link to sign up for a duty: 


Or -- you can also just give Ashley a call and tell her what you'd like to do too at 970-318-0150 (or better:  email her at



Colorado Peace Ride

July 29th – August 1st


Route: Thursday July 29 - Durango to Ouray - 74 Miles - 6985 ft*
Friday July 30 - Ouray to Telluride - 48 Miles - 3870 ft*
Saturday July 31 - Telluride to Dolores - 60 Miles - 1422 ft*
Sunday August 1 - Dolores to Durango - 56 Miles - 2200 ft*


Benefits: As the primary beneficiary of the profits generated by the Colorado Peace Ride, the Sophia Peace Center supports non-profits by providing them with free or low-cost retreats in a beautiful retreat center in Dolores, Colorado. This service in turn promotes social change by empowering organizations to become more effective and successful in their mission. SPC retreats provide instruction for strategic planning, project facilitation, and team building. They are also designed to encourage and re-inspire nonprofit workers who are typically overworked and underpaid, thereby preventing burnout and contributing to effective work habits and better outcomes for their worthy missions

For more information log on to



Sheep Day

An opportunity to visit a high country sheep camp along the Alpine Loop!

August 3, 2010, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


The sheep ranchers, who graze sheep in the Alpine Loop area, invite you to stop at "Open Camp" on August 3rd between 10 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.. Meet the ranchers and learn about the industry. It is an educational opportunity both you and your children will thoroughly enjoy. See the guard dogs and herd dogs and learn the difference. Feel wool on a lamb. Go into the tent and learn about a sheepherder's life, a tradition unchanged in a century.

USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management officials will be on hand to answer questions regarding public land grazing. There is no charge.


The Alpine Loop is located between the cities of Ouray, Silverton, and Lake City. Engineer Pass is on the northern portion of the loop. The camp will be located just east of the summit on Engineer Pass.


Sally Shuffield Concert, Wright Opera House

August 4th, 7:30pm

Ouray, Colorado - The Ouray County Performing Arts Guild (OCPAG) in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Artists' Alpine Holiday presents Durango, Colorado, based singer/songwriter, Sally Shuffield. Sally has been compared to Iris Dement and early Nanci Griffith by "No Depression" Magazine and the Colorado Bluegrass Music Association.  She writes and sings songs about growing up in rural Arkansas, as well as traveling and living throughout the West.  With the release of her third CD, "Something in the Water," she firmly establishes herself as a leading new voice in the Americana/folk tradition.  Her music has been widely played on public radio stations across the country and internationally, charting on the folk and American Roots Charts. Sally recently opened the show for Robert Earl Keen in Durango, Colorado, where the Durango Herald said of her performance, the "sublimely voiced Sally Shuffield is able to make a good tune look easy."  To learn more, visit



Ridgway Art & Crafts Rendezvous, Ridgway Town Park

August 7th & 8th


The beautiful town of Ridgway is known for spectacular scenery, railroads, ranching, recreation and of course:  the Ridgway Arts and Crafts Rendezvous held every year in August for the past 25 years.


In its 26th year, Weehawken Creative Arts will welcome over 150 artists and vendors on August 7th and 8th in the Town of Ridgway's historic park. 


All types of fine arts and original crafts will be represented at this show.  Additionally, there will be a diverse assortment of food concessions offering everything from bar-b-que to Gyros.  Additionally, this year's event will feature the locally delicious brews of the Colorado Boy Brewery (of Ridgway) as well as the addition of wine at the event.


This two-day event offers plenty for you to enjoy all day long throughout each day.  The entertainment on the Main Stage runs continuously on both days of the show with music ranging from bluegrass to bagpipes and rock and roll.  Watch art transpire as demonstrations of all types are scheduled by the vendors throughout each day. 


This is a perfect show for families to attend as well; with this 26th year having plenty of extra special things for families and kids to do.  The children will enjoy riding the Ridgway Fire Department train, free balloons, face painting, two arts and crafts booths and some really fun family creation station projects each day.


For more information, contact Weehawken Creative Arts at or call 970-318-0150.  Or, contact the Ridgway Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-220-4959.   This event is sponsored by Weehawken Creative arts and is a fundraiser for the children's arts programming offered through Weehawken.   



Kentee Pasek, Show Director

Phone:  970-318-6673, email:


Treasure Hunt in the Visitor's Guide

There is a wonderful and fun Ouray Treasure Hunt in the Visitor's Guide. It is a great activity for family's to do while they are visiting Ouray. The hunt is on page 49.

We encourage you to let your staff and visitors know about the treasure hunt and the awesome poster prize that we have at the Visitor's Center- upon completion.


We had one interested family complete the hunt and sent us an email…

"I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful visit to Ouray

Recently. My 11 year old daughter saw the treasure hunt in the travel guide

And she and I set out to complete it. What a great way to get to know the

Town! We met so many people and learned interesting details about Ouray that

We would have passed over otherwise. And, the best part was collecting our

Poster at the end. The quality of the print surpassed any expectation we

had! We had the print mounted and now proudly display it in our Dallas home

as a reminder of Colorado. Thank you very much!!!!"

Please encourage this fun activity - we have plenty of posters, so let everyone know.


Mariah DeGear

OCRA Interim Director


Wildflower Update

The wildflowers are approaching their peak. Imogene Basin--Beautiful displays above Upper Camp Bird. Yankee Boy Basin--Beautiful displays. Black Bear--Beautiful displays on west side of the pass.

WARREN BARKER, US Forrest Service


Jeep Ticket Update

For businesses that are selling Jeep Tickets, Patricia Sullivan will be coming by on Fridays & Mondays to pick up and deliver tickets. If you have too many tickets or need more, please call (970) 318-8469.


OCRA is looking for any creative & innovative ideas on how to boost Jeep ticket sales, if you have any, please send an email to


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