Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Weehawken dance is sponsoring dance-a-grams that can be purchased as a fundraiser for $20. The girls are trying to raise money for a trip to Denver for a dance convention! We have 5 senior company members and 5 junior company members from Ouray, Ridgway and Montrose. Senior company Santas are Abby Purcell, Sydnee Kimmel, Natasha Hill, Conor Keenan. Junior company reindeer are Hunter Clapsadl, Mackenzie Gibbsm, Jordan Leo, Abigail Link, Nisha Sprowls. They dance their way around town to local businesses and restaurants. Dance-a-gram can be purchased for any occasion.
Steve and I were lucky enough to have our local dancers stop by and show off their talents. I must admit that I was a bit late in grabbing the camera and only captured a bit of the High Schoolers….


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