Thursday, April 3, 2008

Middle Aged "Chicks with Picks"

On Saturday, March 29th, Clint Cook of San Juan Mountain Guides graciously took four ladies ice climbing for the first time. We may have been on the kids hill, but, we are excited for more! See, Ice Climbing, it's not just for twenty five year old men anymore...

This great blurb showcases the following spirited and lovely gals (if I do say so myself):
  • Sandra Boles, longtime Ouray resident, avid swimmer, and owner of Northmoon Gallery
  • Dianne Correll, back from Indiana, big time community volunteer, & mother of Jackie Genuit--one of the owners of Ouray Liquors.
  • Susie Egyhazi, brand new Ouray resident, down from Minneapolis and trying her hand at all Ouray has to offer.
  • Me (Karen Avery), co-owner of the Box Canyon Lodge

All were very successful and we all had a great time! We experienced great camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment. All it took was an experienced guide and some simple "can do" spirit.

Why, you may ask, did these ladies give it a go? Well, you know what they say ---- When in Ouray .....

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